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The Website of Helmsley Parish

Dear Website Visitors: Welcome!

This website offers a great deal of information about All Saints, Helmsley and its three associated hamlet churches of Rievaulx, Sproxton and East Moors. Do browse our web pages. Even better, come and visit us. We offer a very warm welcome to everyone.

A Message for the New Year

As we look forward to another year of opportunities there is much to thank God for here in Helmsley. One visitor (from the south) recently said that she couldn't understand why everyone was so cheerful here. Helmsley is a vibrant community with over fifty independent businesses, a thriving arts centre and sports and recreational organisations. We are glad to welcome visitors. People are neighbourly and generally content with their lot.

All this may sound a little smug! It isn't meant to be at all. One of the things I appreciate about the church community here is its sense of thankfulness. People generally work for the common good in Helmsley, perhaps sometimes even if they do not always feel like it!

It is right to ask then, how the churches (we have Methodist and Roman Catholic brothers and sisters here) can work in such a place. One of our tasks is to help us to look beyond Helmsley to concerns of the wider world.


All Saints Church, Helmsley with snowdrops

In 2014 Ebola has killed many people. In 2014 'ISIS' have destroyed many lives in Syria and Iraq with brutality beyond any civilized person's comprehension, unhappily in the name of religion. On 'Black Friday', 28th November, appalling scenes were witnessed in retail outlets across Britain as people literally fought for bargains. On 16 December 141 people including 132 children were killed in Peshawar, Pakistan just before Christmas, again in the name of religion. The accidental killing of six people in Glasgow, on the Monday before Christmas, including three members of one family, is another tragedy beyond our comprehension.

Where is God in these awful situations? Why are there natural disasters such as viruses. Why do people kill others? Why are accidents allowed to happen? We simply do not know. But to accept that this is the human condition is to acknowledge things as they really are.

It seems that there is a lot of bad in the world. But I am an optimist. Of course we hear about all the awful stuff in the news but we do not hear about those myriads of every day kindnesses which ordinary people offer to each other - that is the substance of loving our neighbours as ourselves. I would say that this is loving God in our routine everyday affairs. For some of us being part of a Christian community is essential. For others it is not. I want to work with everyone for the common good, with Christians, people of other faiths and those of none.

The Church's job then is to contribute to the common good and offer hope where sometimes it may feel that there is none. We are glad to serve this community and look forward to another joyful and prosperous year.

Tim Robinson
Vicar of Helmsley and Upper Ryedale.

Helmsley Church's tower is clearly visible from all approaches to the town. It is a clear symbol of God's presence, a place of holiness and quiet, interest and inspiration. We are open every day. You are most welcome at any of our services. You may find it helpful to light a candle for a concern or a loved one in the north transept.

All Saints is the parish church of Helmsley, the historic market town at the south-western corner of the North York Moors. Our hamlet churches too are places of retreat and quiet, as well as of historical and architectural interest. Rievaulx and Sproxton churches are also open every day.

Do come and see us!


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