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The Website of Helmsley Parish

Dear Website Visitors: Welcome!

This website offers a great deal of information about All Saints, Helmsley and its three associated hamlet churches of Rievaulx, Sproxton and East Moors. Do browse our web pages. Even better, come and visit us. We offer a very warm welcome to everyone.

It is said by some that we are in a secular age. But judging by church attendances in Helmsley over this Christmas nothing could be further than the truth. Whether people believe in God or not the Christian stories of the birth of Jesus and his subsequent life, death and resurrection have a universal appeal.

Further, few would argue with the teachings of Jesus, which still form the basis of the values of British society today.

What are these teachings of Jesus? In a nutshell:

  • If someone strikes you on one cheek offer him the other. (Matthew 5.39, Luke 6.29).Violence is best met with peace.
  • The first will be last, and the last will be first. (Matthew 19.30 and 20.16, Mark 10.31). Everyone counts, or no-one does.
  • Love your neighbour as yourself. (Matthew 2.39). Learn empathy. Forgive.



All Saints Church, Helmsley with snowdrops
Put like this Jesus’ message is for everyone. It is changing the world. Our mission as a church is to proclaim this message to the people we serve. We do this through public worship and by demonstrating in our lives that we hold Jesus’ teachings to be true. We are here to serve all the people of Helmsley, the surrounding area and our many visitors.

We are also concerned to make the churches in our care more welcoming. At All Saints the installation of a sound system has already allowed greater participation in worship. Improvements in amenities and lighting will soon follow. We hope too in time to create a more open space for worship. There will soon be a votive candle stand for everyone’s use at Rievaulx.

Helmsley Church's tower is clearly visible from all approaches to the town. It is a clear symbol of God's presence, a place of holiness and quiet, interest and inspiration. We are open every day. You are most welcome at any of our services. You may find it helpful to light a candle for a concern or a loved one in the north transept.

All Saints is the parish church of Helmsley, the historic market town at the south-western corner of the North York Moors. Our hamlet churches too are places of retreat and quiet, as well as of historical and architectural interest. Rievaulx and Sproxton churches are also open every day.

Do come and see us!

With best wishes -

Tim Robinson
Vicar of Helmsley and Upper Ryedale.


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