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The Website of Helmsley Parish

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This website offers a great deal of information about All Saints, Helmsley and its three associated hamlet churches of Rievaulx, Sproxton and East Moors. Do browse our web pages. Even better, come and visit us. We offer a very warm welcome to everyone.

Christmas approaches....

In a few days time we celebrate the birth of the Christ child once more. It is good to reflect on its possible meanings for us.

For those of us who are Christian and believe Him to be alive in some way for us today it is the yearly celebration of God coming in to the world as human flesh. For people who do not see themselves as Christians the birth of Jesus can still have meaning.

There is no doubt that Jesus existed; the contemporary historians Tacitus and Josephus report it. Jesus was probably one of many itinerant preachers and miracle workers that existed in the first century in Palestine, or what we now know as Israel.

All Saints Church, Helmsley with snowdrops

So why was Jesus different from the rest? His followers felt that He was important enough to write about even twenty years after his death, St Markís Gospel was probably written around 55AD. Jesusís authenticity shines through the Gospels and the fervent passion with which Peter and Paul and the other epistle writers depict Him. Jesusís essential qualities were supreme goodness, kindness towards the unloved and those on the margins of society, and an intolerance of self serving power and religion.

Even if as a twenty first century person you cannot understand Jesus as God, He is an extraordinarily attractive figure still portrayed today. The film Son of God (2014) and John Adamsí opera The Other Mary (2014) are great examples of contemporary commentaries on the life of Christ.

This Christmas I hope that like me you will spend a little time thinking about that Jesus might mean for you. If you have never dipped in to the Bible why not start by reading St Markís Gospel. It is very short and you can read it within an hour. You can find it here - http://biblescripture.net/Mark.html

Those qualities of Jesus - authenticity, goodness, kindness and even intolerance of self serving power and religion are wonderful human qualities exemplified by Jesus. They are great virtues for us in the twenty first century to aim for both as individuals and as a Society.

A very Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year.

Helmsley Church's tower is clearly visible from all approaches to the town. It is a clear symbol of God's presence, a place of holiness and quiet, interest and inspiration. We are open every day. You are most welcome at any of our services. You may find it helpful to light a candle for a concern or a loved one in the north transept.

All Saints is the parish church of Helmsley, the historic market town at the south-western corner of the North York Moors. Our hamlet churches too are places of retreat and quiet, as well as of historical and architectural interest. Rievaulx and Sproxton churches are also open every day.

Do come and see us!

With best wishes -

Tim Robinson
Vicar of Helmsley and Upper Ryedale.


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