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St Mary, Rievaulx

Rievaulx's church, formed from the ruins of the Abbey's slipper chapel, serves those who live in this hamlet, next to the world-famous Rievaulx Abbey (in the care of English Heritage),  

     This stunning building is available at all times as a place of quiet and pilgrimage for visitors.   

      Originally the slipper chapel at the entrance to Rievaulx Abbey (some of the 13th century masonry is still visible), it was rebuilt as a village church by architect Temple Moore in 1906-7, who added a chancel and a small steeple.

Oak pegs do not hold stone roof tiles indefinitely, so a centenary restoration project in 2007 has seen in particular a new roof (plus a repainted clock face and a cockerel weather vane, designed to match that depicted in the recent find at Rievaulx of a fragment of medieval stained glass).

Situated at the north-east end of the village, a short distance from the west end of the Abbey church, it is squeezed on to the valley side, so, like there, the traditional east-west alignment has not been possible.


Services take place every first Sunday of the month at 11am (Holy Communion BCP).

There is also a service at Rievaulx on Christmas Day and Easter Day.